Morphometric Analysis of Kunda River Basin, Khargone District, Madhya Pradesh -Based on Watershed Approach


Year : 2022,
Volume & Issue : BPAS-Geology 41F(1), JAN-JUN 2022
Page No. : 149-155,
Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2320-3234.2022.00013.0 (Received on 28.01.2022, Revised on 20.05.2022, Accepted on 31.05.2022)



*Lal Singh Solanki1, Vinita Kulshreshtha2 and Mohammad Rizwan3
Author’s Affiliation : 1Research Scholar Vikram University Ujjain and Asst. Prof. Govt. J.S.T. P.G. College Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh 481101, India. 2Department of Geology, Govt. P.G. College Mandsour, Madhya Pradesh 458001, India. 3School of Studies in Earth Science, Vikram University, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh 456010, India.

Corresponding Author : Lal Singh Solanki, Research Scholar Vikram University Ujjain and Asst. Prof. Govt. J.S.T. P.G. College Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh 481101, India.,

The Quantitative morphometric analysis is found to be dynamic study in considerate hydrological characteristics and its collaboration with the environment of any Watershed scheme. The main objective of the learning is to analyze the morphometric parameters of the Kunda River Watershed, Methods. The proposed study area is confined to latitude 21050' 0'' to 210 55' 0'' Nandlongitude750 35' 0''to750 45' 0''E (Survey of IndiaToposheet No.46O/9. The study area has been covered 159.97 sq. km. kunda river Watershed belonging to the northern part of Khargone district, is a solid rocks topography consisting typically Basalt. The study area is composed of flat terrain with gentle slope, which consists of basaltic lava flows. Geologically, these flows constitute a part of the Deccan Volcanic Province, the Watershed is of fourth order drainage having drainage density, and stream frequency 0f 0.977 and 0.922 separately. The Watershed shows extended in nature. The method practical to the river basin give a current calculation of the morphometric parameters of the region. The drainage morphometric analysis is important in range of water renew site, Watershed showing and groundwater visualization mapping. The study would deliver an important data collection about future Watershed view of the area. Keywords Kunda River, Groundwater, Environment, Morphometric analysis, Watershed, Khargone.