Information on the Reproductive Cycle of Costatela acuta (Draparuand, 1805)


Ruzikulova N.A.*

Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences                              

Zoology (Animal Science), Vol.42A, No.2, 

July-December 2023: P.287-290



Ruzikulova N.A.*

Author’s Affiliation:

Samarkand State University, Samarkand, Uzbekistan


*Corresponding author:

Ruzikulova N.A.

Samarkand State University, Samarkand, Uzbekistan



Article Info:

Received on 12.08.2023

Revised on 08.11.2023

Approved on 13.11.2023

Accepted on 30.11.2023

Published on 16.12.2023

The article presents information on the reproduction cycle of Costatela acuta (Draparuand, 1805) from aquatic molluscs. It is common species in the study area. It starts breeding in April. In the conditions of Uzbekistan, it has 3-4 generations. At the water temperature of 18-220°C, embryo development lasts 10-15 days.   Keywords: Mollusk, Syncapsule, Egg, Shell, Temperature, Reproductive Process.