From Data Science to Data Resistance: Possible Methods to Stop a Global Tyrant to Come


Year : 2022,
Volume & Issue : BIO SCI 38(1), JAN-JUN 2022
Page No. : 35-43,
Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2320-3161.2022.00004.9



1,2 Victor Christianto*
Author’s Affiliation : 1Malang Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia. 2Halton Arp Institute – affiliated to International Mariinskaya Academy, St. Petersburg.

Corresponding Author : Victor Christianto Ekklesia Advanced School of Theology, Jakarta, Indonesia., or

The present article is actually a result of various discussions with a number of colleagues, on what will come later after this pandemic. Recent studies by Prof. Fioranelli and also Rubik clearly indicate that something bigger plan is played behind the scene. And Paul Levy’s recent book warns us that actually the real plague is a kind of spiritual disease called “wetiko.” As a wise word tells us: “It is not how good you play the game (i.e. how to reduce the spreading of pandemic), but it is how the game is played against you.” Therefore, let us ask: how we can respond properly, in a dignified way, while we shall keep our moral integrity, i.e. not to step down into violence means (i.e. ahimsa way). It turns out, that one of available course of action, is to turn the notion of Data Science to become Data Resistance. We outlined several available methods, but let us put a cautious remark here that we shall not use big data method unless it is the last choice, because once we also partake into that bigdata madness, then actually we also use the same evil tools against humanity.
How to cite this article: Christianto V. (2022). From Data Science to Data Resistance, Possible Methods to Stop a Global Tyrant to Come. Bio-Science Research Bulletin, 38(1), 35-43.
Keywords Dangers of Big Data, Data Science, Data Resistance, Database Systems, Graph, Wetiko