Frequency of Internet Usage in the Library by Undergraduate Students of Library and Information Science (LIS)


Year : 2022,
Volume & Issue : LIB PRO. 42(1), JAN-JUN 2022
Page No. : 144-152,
Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2320-317X.2022.00015.0 (Received on 25.03.2022, Revised on 29.04.2022, Accepted on 17.05.2022)



Dr. Janet Ubogu*, Dr. Joseph Chukwusa**
Author’s Affiliation : *Delta State University library, Abraka, Nigeria.
E-mail: **Delta State University library, Abraka, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author : Dr. Joseph Chukwusa, Delta State University library, Abraka, Nigeria.,

The study focused on the use of Internet services in the library by LIS students in Delta State University, Abraka. The study employed a descriptive survey research method to determine the frequency of Internet usage. The data for the research were gathered using questionnaire method. The study's population consisted of all (100-400 Level) undergraduate students of the Department of LIS in the 2020/2021 academic session. However, 350 questionnaires were distributed at random to the undergraduates in order to collect data for the study, but 258 were found usable. Mean statistics was used to analyse the data. Findings revealed that the LIS undergraduates frequently use the Internet and they have positive attitude towards the use of Internet; the students use the Internet more often in cyber cafes and with their mobile phones; and are actively involved in Internet activities imperative to their study, amongst other findings. Information overload in the Internet and dwindling Internet speed were seen as the major issues facing the Internet users; and was closely followed by poor Internet access. The students need internet services in the university library to be able to compete academically with their peers in the world. The researchers could not find research articles that look exactly like the present title; it is likely to be one of its kinds in the Study Area. How to cite this article: Ubogu J, Chukwusa J. (2022). Frequency of Internet Usage in the Library by Undergraduate Students of Library and Information Science (LIS). Library Progress International, 42(1), 144-152. Keywords Internet usage, Frequency of use, Undergraduates- Internet usage, LIS Undergraduates, Internet services