Cultivation of Pineapple Plants (Ananascomosus (L.) Merr) in Switzerland


 Rishan Singh*

Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences.

Botany, Vol.42 B, No.2.
July-December 2023: P.102-105

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 Rishan Singh*

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Research Media SR, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 4001, South Africa

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Rishan Singh

Research Media SR,

KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 4001,

South Africa

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Received on 24.06.2023

Revised on 27.08.2023

Approved  on 10.09.2023

Accepted on 26.09.2023

Published on 23.12.2023

The climatic conditions Switzerland are unfavourable for cultivating pineapple plants. This is realised by pineapple plants requiring tropical temperatures to thrive and produce healthy fruits. In the agricultural sphere, pineapple plants can be propagated if the conditions for cultivation are favourable. However, in Switzerland, the cold climate has made the cultivation of Ananascomosus (L.) Merr. very difficult. It is only through human ingenuity that the cultivation of this plant has seen success in climates that would otherwise hinder the production of healthy pineapple fruits, like in Switzerland. This article will address many aspects regarding, and negating, to Ananascomosus (L.) Merr cultivation in Switzerland.