Assessment of Inland Fisheries Population Dynamics in Goa


Year : 2022,
Volume & Issue : BPAS-Zoology 41A(1), JAN-JUN 2022
Page No. : 14-24,
Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2320-3188.2022.00002.X Article Info: Received on 21.09.2021 Revised on 28.12.2021 Accepted on 15.01.2022 Published on 15.06.2022



*Kulkarni Rajender Rao1, Ruchika. R. Dessai2, Juliana Silveira3
Author’s Affiliation : 1,2,3Department of Zoology, Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem, Goa403705, India.

Corresponding Author : Kulkarni Rajender Rao Department of Zoology, Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem, Goa403705, India.,

Development of a sound data base in inland fisheries has been receiving attention in the recent past. To build, up a reliable data base, it is essential that data collection and estimation methodology is evolved based on scientific lines and the same is put to practice for assessing the nature and quantity of inland fishery resources. Population dynamics deals with mechanisms of population regulation in an area and their management practices to analyse the biomass dynamics of populations. Population dynamics narrates how the population increase or decrease over the time, as it is regulated by natality, mortality, immigration, and emigration. It is helpful in understanding changing population patterns and causative issues such as habitat loss, predation and optimal harvesting rates. An attempt was made to investigate the population dynamics of economically important inland fish species of Goa. Primary Data was collected from the Directorate of fisheries, Government of Goa web site for the present assessment, to get the abundance of resources. In the Present study, data composed of 20 inland captured fisheries species of which the prawns, clams, mullets and crabs are among the highest catch and milk fish 0.212, anchovy 0.158, megalops 0.096 , lutianes 0.0827, black water clams 0.0730 have shown excellent growth potential during the study period.
How to cite this article: Rao KR, Dessai RR, Silveira J. (2022). Assessment of Inland Fisheries Population Dynamics in Goa.Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences-Zoology, 41A (1), 14-24. Keywords Emigration, Fisheries, Goa, Immigration, Mullets, Prawns.