1-Deoxynojirimycin Mitigates Glycogen and Carbohydrate Metabolic Enzyme Alterations in High Glucose-Induced Diabetic Tilapia: Implications for Therapeutic Intervention


1Raja Latha and 2Gani Sharmila Banu*

Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences                              

Zoology (Animal Science), Vol.42A, No.2, 

July-December 2023: P.291-304



1Raja Latha and 2Gani Sharmila Banu*

Author’s Affiliation:

1-2PG & Research Department of Zoology,

NKR Government Arts College for Women,

Namakkal, Tamilnadu – 637001, India.


*Corresponding author:

Dr. Gani Sharmila Banu,

Associate Professor & Head,

PG & Research Department of Zoology,

NKR Government Arts College for Women,

Namakkal, Tamilnadu – 637001, India.

E-mail: gsharmilabanu@gmail.com


Article Info:

Received on 12.07.2023

Revised on 04.10.2023

Approved on 13.11.2023

Accepted on 30.11.2023

Published on 20.12.2023

This study investigated the effects of 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) on blood glucose levels, body weight changes, glycogen levels, and carbohydrate marker enzyme activity in a high glucose-induced experimental diabetic tilapia model. We utilized spectrophotometry assay methods to achieve this objective. DNJ treatment significantly reduced blood glucose and mitigated body weight loss compared to the diabetic control group. Furthermore, DNJ treatment increased glycogen levels in liver and muscle tissues, suggesting its potential to enhance glycogen synthesis or reduce glycogen breakdown. DNJ treatment also modulated the activity of carbohydrate marker enzymes, indicating its possible inhibitory effect on enzymes involved in carbohydrate absorption and breakdown, which in turn may improve glucose homeostasis and control. The results of this study highlight DNJ's potential as a therapeutic agent for diseases associated with glycogen metabolism and glucose homeostasis, as well as its ability to influence body weight changes in diabetic conditions. Our findings contribute to the growing body of research on DNJ as a potential therapeutic agent for illnesses linked to glycogen and underscore its therapeutic potential for future treatments targeting glucose metabolism, glycemic control, and weight management.   Keywords: 1-Deoxynojirimycin, Glycogen, Carbohydrate Metabolic Enzymes, Diabetes, Glycemic Control.